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PESDK/Android/Guides/Text & Fonts

Text & Fonts

PhotoEditor SDK for Android ships with a robust tool that provides all necessary functions for quickly adding text. Learn how to add custom fonts.

Text tool

A picture says more than a thousand words, however sometimes it still takes a few more. The robust text feature of PhotoEditor SDK provides all necessary functions for quickly adding text to any picture or creative. The corresponding font library can easily be exchanged, reduced, or expanded.

The tool is implemented in the TextToolPanel class and backend settings are implemented in the TextLayerSettings class. It can be configured using the UiConfigText class as described in the configuration section.

Every font is represented by an instance of a FontAsset class. By default, PhotoEditor SDK includes all fonts if you include the assets:font-basic module in your project. The collection of default FontAssets can be obtained using SettingsList.config.getAssetMap(FontAsset::class). The collection of default font items added to the UI can be obtained using SettingsList[UiConfigText::class].fontList.

NOTE: Text tool requires the ui:text module. Refer to our documentation on how to include the module in your project.