Bridging Technology & Design

IMG.LY is building the creative engine that brings beautiful video and photo editing to your applications. From Fortune 100 businesses to new startups, our SDKs power hundreds of applications.

Democratize Design

Creating beautiful designs is a challenge for many, often consisting of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. IMG.LY removes these barriers, helping developers build applications that bring the world never before seen content.

Giving Back

As tech and design enthusiasts, gamers, and creators, we benefit from creations and communities that power our world, so it is time to give back!

In our annual DXT conference, we gather creatives in various fields, from creative coders to branding experts, to discover new trends and open new grounds.

Supporting Open Source
Smart code powers ideas, so we love connecting with masterminds who contribute to the community (e.g. sponsoring EnTT on GitHub).

Our Story

In 2009, IMG.LY was the most popular photo-sharing tool for Twitter. When Twitter built their own, it rendered our first product obsolete.

During that time, customers of our holding company asked for tools around image processing. So we built and released PhotoEditor SDK. With the explosion of the visual web, it caught the eye of major tech companies, resulting in our rapid growth. This success continued with our release of VideoEditor SDK in 2019.

Today, we use machine learning and computer vision to bridge design and technology, building the creative engine that will power the next generation of creative tools.

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IMG.LY is a remote-first company headquartered in Bochum, Germany.


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