Build a Poster Designer on any Platform

Build a fully custom poster designer on any platform with our modern design editor SDK.

Made for print

Key Features

Simple and Flexible Customization

Customize the theming and feature set for a smooth user experience designing posters and banners on web, mobile or desktop.

You can even build an entirely custom poster design UI on top of our headless API to perfectly fit your use case.

Swiss Post

Our customers create over a million personalized postcards each year choosing from over hundreds of templates with IMG.LY’s SDK. It’s the only solution that allows us to build our own specialized, on-brand UI that integrates seamlessly with our platform.

Jeanine Zaalberg
Product Manager

Smart Templates

Create a library of customizable poster templates to give your customers the ideal starting point for their designs.

Design once, use anywhere. Consistently share templates across platforms. Let users resume designs on any device and render pixel perfect PDFs on the server.

Lockable Designs & Placeholders

Easily add constraints to your poster templates.

Define placeholders, lock and unlock design elements and guide what customers can edit and how.

For instance, specify that poster backgrounds have to be full-scale images from your library.

Variable Data Printing

Enable mass personalization for your poster templates using  text variables.

Automatically generate variations of poster designs at scale by connecting templates to a data source.

Made for Print

SVG shapes and stickers and ensure that designs remain crisp when scaled to the size of a poster or banner.

Configurable bleed margins, exclusion zones, and color masking make the print production process as smooth as possible.

Generate pixel perfect PDF files that are ready-to-print.

Design Validation

Minimize operating costs by eliminating common false print errors.

CE.SDK supports automatic design validation, flagging errors such as elements extending beyond the bleed line, helping your customers generate high quality, print-ready poster designs with minimal risk.

UIs For Every Use Case

Apparel Designer

Apparel Designer

Whether t-shirts, hoodies or caps, build for any use case, deploy on any platform.
Postcard Designer

Postcard Designer

Whether post cards, greeting cards or wedding invitations, build for any use case, deploy on any platform.
Greeting Card Designer

Greeting Card Designer

Whether anniversary cards, thank you cards or wedding invitations, build for any use case, deploy on any platform.
Photo Book Designer

Photo Book Designer

Easily build any photo book UI & use case, create templates and layouts to jumpstart your customers’ designs.
Collage Designer

Collage Designer

Build a customizable collage editor, design any number of layout templates and deploy on any platform.

Web to Print

Not quite what you are looking for? Our team of experienced solutions engineers will help you build just the right editor for your use case.

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