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Understanding the SettingsList and StateHandler

The PhotoEditorSettingsList is a subclass of SettingsList. It stores all the settings that are used to configure the photo editor, its tools, and any modifications applied to the image. PhotoEditor SDK allows you to change the settings before starting the editor as well as while the editor is running.

Before starting the editor, you can call the configure() method on the PhotoEditorSettingsList to configure the various ImglySettings subclasses as described in the guides.

When the startActivityForResult() method is called on the PhotoEditorBuilder, the SettingsList and all the ImglySettings it holds are parceled into a bytestream. When the editor starts, the parceled SettingsList is read into a StateHandler.

The StateHandler is used internally for accessing and modifying all settings (via ImglySettings subclasses) and states (via ImglyState subclasses).

When the editor is closed, all the settings (including all modifications applied to the image) are dumped into a SettingsList and it is accessible via EditorSDKResult.settingsList.