Camera SDK

Unlock the full potential of video creation in your app.

Elevate your user experience with features such as simultaneous recording, audio overlays or duets and stitches.

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Advanced features

Advanced Camera Recording Features

Simultaneous Recording

Record multiple video clips simultaneously from one or multiple cameras. Empowers users to capture moments from various perspectives, offering a truly immersive video recording experience.

Duets and Stitch

Remix and reinterpret videos, by providing a canvas for users to craft unique and engaging content. Duets are a beloved feature on popular social platforms. They allow users to post their video side-by-side with a video from another creator. This highly engaging feature can help to build a sense of community and connection on your platform.


Elevate the audiovisual experience within your app and set the stage for immersive storytelling. Empower users to create captivating content with precise music syncing.

Countdown Timers

Ensure a smooth and timely start to each recording session, providing users with the confidence that every moment is captured effortlessly. Enhance user experience by eliminating the guesswork from the recording process.

Customizable UI

Tailor the UI to precisely reflect your brand and align with your specific use case. The camera offers options for theming, styling, translations, and the ability to enable or disable features by default. Customers can choose between pre-built solutions or craft an entirely custom UI.

Custom Asset Library

Whether it's audio, images, videos, text, or stickers, our Library offers comprehensive support, providing users with a rich array of creative elements directly within the camera.

Tailor the Library to your app's unique needs by adding custom sources for assets, and enjoy the convenience of filtering and sorting options.

Integrate Seamlessly With Our Video Editor

Add advanced editing options and empower your users with tools to trim, arrange, and seamlessly merge clips into a cohesive narrative, and mix videos and photos, creating engaging stories and reels.


The Camera SDK is driven by a single creative engine, available on both platform, offering a uniform user experience and feature parity to your users. This eliminates the necessity of constructing separate SDKs, streamlining the integration process for developers.

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Our SDK has matured in demanding environments, powering 500+ million creations per month.

Scalable & Future-Proof

We regularly release new features and improvements to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.


Our SDK can be flexibly customized, you can even build custom UIs and extend the editor functionality.


Our SDK is optimized across platforms ensuring consistent rendering and interoperability.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

IMG.LY’s solution engineers did a deep dive on our business case and helped us implement a custom print kiosk UI

André Albrecht
Digital Solution Manager

Our customers create over a million personalized postcards each year choosing from over hundreds of templates with IMG.LY’s SDK. It’s the only solution that allows us to build our own specialized, on-brand UI that integrates seamlessly with our platform.

Jeanine Zaalberg
Product Manager
Swiss Post

Our app has photo-editing at the very core of its experience and the editor has been invaluable in making that vision happen. There are no other tools on the market up to the quality of PE.SDK.

Toby Green
Lead Developer

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What video-editing features do you support?

We provide a vast range of features, such as: transform, trim, adjustments, undo & redo, brush, focus / blur, text variables & text design, filters, dynamic stickers, frames & overlays, templates, merge videos, video collages, and audio overlay. 

You can also create templates with placeholders & lockable designs, and add your own asset library.

Can we integrate our own assets (Sticker, Frames, Overlays)?

Yes, absolutely! Please refer to our documentation for more information on that topic.

Can I decide on which features to implement?

Yes, you have full control over which features you decide to use. You can configure the toolbar on mobile and on web you can interface with the API directly to build the exact feature you need.

Which platforms/ frameworks are supported?

Our IMG.LY SDK is suitable for web and mobile (Android & iOS). Supported frameworks are React-Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Cordova for mobile and React, Angular, Svelte and Vue.js for web. For more information, please visit our Guides.

Can I create Instagram/Facebook/TikTok-like stories using your video editor?

Yes, with our CreativeEditor SDK and Video Editor SDK you can create content suitable for social media platforms, as well as create your own social media apps.

Can I enable/ disable a function by default?

Yes, you have full control over the Editor’s UI and functionality. You can also take full control over the editing process with smart templates, lockable designs and placeholders.

Do you offer integration support?

Yes, apart from accessing our complete CreativeEngine documentation you can also contact our support team. We offer different levels of support based on your license type.
To explore your use case and potential solutions with us simply get in touch.

Do you offer integration support?

Yes, apart from accessing our complete Video Editor documentation you can also contact our support team. We offer different levels of support based on your license type. To learn more, please get in touch with our Sales Team.

Can I try your Editors to see how it works?

Yes, we offer a free trial for all our products. You can get your free trial right now.

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