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Our SDKs power photo, video, design editing and creative automations for billions of end-users across the globe.

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video and photo creations are powered by IMG.LY every month
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Why IMG.LY ?


Our SDK has matured in demanding environments, powering 500+ million creations per month.

Scalable & Future-Proof

We regularly release new features and improvements to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.


Our SDK can be flexibly customized, you can even build custom UIs and extend the editor functionality.


Our SDK is optimized across platforms ensuring consistent rendering and interoperability.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

IMG.LY’s solution engineers did a deep dive on our business case and helped us implement a custom print kiosk UI

André Albrecht
Digital Solution Manager

Our customers create over a million personalized postcards each year choosing from over hundreds of templates with IMG.LY’s SDK. It’s the only solution that allows us to build our own specialized, on-brand UI that integrates seamlessly with our platform.

Jeanine Zaalberg
Product Manager
Swiss Post

Our app has photo-editing at the very core of its experience and the editor has been invaluable in making that vision happen. There are no other tools on the market up to the quality of PE.SDK.

Toby Green
Lead Developer

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Can I implement roles and permissions using the SDK?

While there is no functionality included with the editor that allows implementing roles and permissions you can use any backend technology or framework to control access to the editor. Furthermore our SDK features are extendible allowing for hooks where permissions can be checked and the editor behavior customized accordingly.

Can we integrate our own assets (Sticker, Frames, Overlays)?

Yes, absolutely! Please refer to our documentation for more information on that topic.

Can I decide on which features to implement?

Yes, you have full control over which features you decide to use. You can configure the toolbar on mobile and on web you can interface with the API directly to build the exact feature you need.

Which platforms/ frameworks are supported?

Our IMG.LY SDK is suitable for web and mobile (Android & iOS). Supported frameworks are React-Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Cordova for mobile and React, Angular, Svelte and Vue.js for web. For more information, please visit our Guides.

Can I import existing designs files into the SDK?

You can always import individual elements as PNG, JPG or SVG, we are currently working on importers for PDF and the most common design file formats.

Which export file formats for print do you support?

All CreativeEditor SDK scenes can be exported in PNG, JPEG, TGA, BIN, and PDF. See the export guide in the documentation for more information on exporting scenes.

Can I enable/ disable a function by default?

Yes, you have full control over the Editor’s UI and functionality. You can also take full control over the editing process with smart templates, lockable designs and placeholders.

Do you offer integration support?

Yes, apart from accessing our complete CreativeEngine documentation you can also contact our support team. We offer different levels of support based on your license type.
To explore your use case and potential solutions with us simply get in touch.

Which server-side technologies do you support?

You can run the CreativeEngine in a Node.js environment and deploy it on any platform with Node.js support. See this guide on how to deploy on AWS for reference.

Can I try your Editors to see how it works?

Yes, we offer a free trial for all our products. You can get your free trial right now.

Can my users edit their photos using IMG.LY SDKs when they are offline?

As the editor works client-side, a permanent internet connection isn't necessary for the editor to run properly. Once the device reconnects, available updates can be installed and the export tracking will be communicated. However, if you require the SDK to work in a purely offline environment please contact our sales team to request an offline license.