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PhotoEditor SDK for Android provides a fully customizable UI, a versatile image processing section as well as a powerful rendering engine.

PhotoEditor SDK for Android consists of three main components (distributed as modules):


The SDK's backend is in charge of all image processing and rendering. That includes live filters, any adjustments made by the user and the final image export. All image modifications, that have been applied to the image, are stored in ImglySettings subclasses in the SettingsList and then are used to determine if a new rendering pass is necessary.


The frontend contains all the classes needed to create the Editor's UI including the PhotoEditorActivity which hosts the photo editor, AbstractToolPanel which is the base class for all tool panels. Each tool implements the AbstractToolPanel and provides its layout. Refer to the user interface section for customizing the UI to match your needs.


Some assets are distributed as separate modules to allow for a smaller SDK size.