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The Adjustment tool set of the PhotoEditor SDK for HTML5 offers essential and advanced editing functions like Brightness, Contrast, Saturation or Exposure.

Adjustments tool

Our Adjustment tool is our swiss army knife for image optimization. It offers essential functions like brightness and contrast, while allowing more expert users to fine tune highlights, shadows and clarity.

Specifying which adjustments are available

In order to enable or disable specific adjustments, simply pass the availableAdjustments option to the adjustments controls. This option should be an array of adjustment identifiers of which the following are available: brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, sharpness, clarity, exposure, shadows, highlights, whites, blacks, temperature

const editor = new PhotoEditorSDK.UI.DesktopUI({
editor: {
controlsOptions: {
adjustments: {
availableAdjustments: ['brightness', 'saturation', 'contrast'],