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Text Design

The Text Design Tool merges input text with typography, creating stunning designs for a multitude of use-cases. The tool lays out input text according to recipes crafted by professional designers upon a single tap. Furthermore, the creative can then be fine-tuned by choosing from 15 different text colors or by using the randomize functionality that shuffles the fonts, alignments and decorations. It’s even possible to create a mask that lets the background image shine through.

Specifying which text design layouts are available

In order to enable or disable specific layouts, simply pass the availableLayouts option to the text design controls. This option should be an array of focus identifiers. In the snippet below all text design layouts are enabled:

const editor = new PhotoEditorSDK.UI.DesktopUI({
  editor: {
    controlsOptions: {
      textdesign: {
        availableLayouts: [