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PESDK/Android/Guides/User Interface


Add translations to the user interface

PhotoEditor SDK includes English strings as resource strings. These can be obtained from our demo repository inside the res subfolder from the default_res_files folder for the SDK version you are using.

Changing default strings#

To change the text of a string, simply create a resource string inside of your project with the same name as the one used inside the SDK. For example, to change the title of the close editor alert dialog, create a string resource with the name pesdk_editor_title_closeEditorAlert and provide your string:

<string name="pesdk_editor_title_closeEditorAlert">Discard Editor?</string>

When AAPT comes across the same resource name, it picks the resource declared in your project over the resource declared in the SDK allowing you to replace any resource inside the SDK.

Adding new languages#

Translations can be added for the SDK's strings by providing alternative resources. Please ensure to use the same resource names for the alternative resources as the ones defined in the SDK.