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PESDK/Android/Guides/User Interface/Customize Layout

Customize layout

Customize PhotoEditor SDK layouts as per your requirements

PhotoEditor SDK uses XML for defining the layouts of all its Views and Activity. There are multiple ways in which you can make changes to our layouts:

  1. Override the style used by the view and provide your attributes to customize the layout. Refer to the theming section in our guides for more information.

  2. All PhotoEditor SDK layouts can be obtained from our demo repository inside the res subfolder from the default_res_files folder for the SDK version you are using.

    Create a layout resource in your project with the same name as the one used inside the SDK. You can copy the layout from the demo repository and make changes to it as per your requirements. When AAPT comes across the same resource name, it picks the resource declared in your project over the resource declared in the SDK allowing you to replace any resource inside the SDK.

  3. If you want more control over the layout and want to be able to dynamically make changes to it, you can do so by providing your XML, views, and activity as described in the custom views and custom activity sections of our guides.