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To Gallery

Start Editor#

For the sake of this example, we load a photo from the resources into the photo editor.

Configure the PhotoEditorSaveSettings to save the exported photo to the gallery using the setOutputToGallery() method. This saves the photo in Environment.DIRECTORY_DCIM.

You can also specify the folder name and file name by calling setOutputToGallery(folder, name) instead. If scoped storage is enabled, DCIM and Pictures are the only two valid folder names. The name of the file can contain a SimpleDateFormat pattern inside angular brackets like img_<yyMMddHHmmss>. This would be evaluated at the time of export.

Handle Result#

The result from the editor is received in the onActivityResult() method. EditorSDKResult wraps around the intent and provides a convenient API to check the result. The Uri of the exported photo can be accessed via EditorSDKResult.resultUri.