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PESDK/Android/Guides/Save / Export Photo

Save Photo

PhotoEditor SDK for Android supports exporting to different locations and file formats.

PhotoEditor SDK exports edited images in the same resolution, as they were originally loaded into the editor, as long as no cropping operation was carried out. PhotoEditorSaveSettings holds all the settings related to exporting and saving the photo. Upon export, the Uri of the exported photo can be obtained from EditorSDKResult.resultUri.

Output mode#

PhotoEditor SDK supports three OutputModes:

The output mode can be set in PhotoEditorSaveSettings.outputMode.


JPG/JPEG photos are compressed while exporting to take less disk space. By default, the SDK exports these photos at 80% quality. However, you can override this and change the quality by setting PhotoEditorSaveSettings.jpegQuality (0 - 100).

Export format#

PhotoEditor SDK supports exporting photos in JPG/JPEG or PNG format. There are three ImageExportFormats available:

  • AUTO - Default. The image format of the exported photo would be the same as that of the imported photo. In case of background removal, the image format would be PNG.
  • JPEG - Export as JPEG.
  • PNG - Export as PNG.

The export format can be set using PhotoEditorSaveSettings.setExportFormat().