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Change Themes#

PhotoEditor SDK comes with multiple themes that you can use to customize how the Editor looks. All our themes descend from Theme.AppCompat.

The default theme Theme.Imgly is a dark theme that displays in fullscreen mode with the action bar at the bottom. Furthermore, you can choose from these variants: Theme.Imgly.NoFullscreen, Theme.Imgly.TopActionBar, and Theme.Imgly.TopActionBar.NoFullscreen.

With these variants, you can switch the fullscreen mode on/off and also position the action bar at the top or bottom. The light theme analogous for these are: Theme.Imgly.Light, Theme.Imgly.Light.NoFullscreen, Theme.Imgly.Light.TopActionBar, and Theme.Imgly.Light.TopActionBar.NoFullscreen.

Configure the UiConfigTheme in the SettingsList to change the theme:

settingsList.configure<UiConfigTheme> {
it.theme =

Color Theming#

PhotoEditor SDK uses theme attributes for theming and all colors can be changed by changing the value of the corresponding theme attribute.

To get access to the theme attributes used for colors, download our demo repository and extract the res subfolder from the default_res_files folder for the version you are using. All theme attributes for colors can be found in imgly_colors.xml in the values folder.