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Personal Stickers

The VideoEditor SDK for Flutter allows users to provide their own stickers

This feature is disabled by default. It can be configured with configuration.sticker.personalStickers. If enabled, the end user can create personal stickers from the device's photo library. A button is added as first item in the menu in front of the sticker categories which modally presents an image selection dialog for personal sticker creation. Personal stickers will be added to a personal sticker category called "Custom" with the identifier "imgly_sticker_category_personal". The personal sticker category will be added between the button and the regular sticker categories if it does not exist.

You can configure the tint mode of all of these personal stickers with the configuration.sticker.defaultPersonalStickerTintMode option.

Please note that these types of personal stickers are always included in serialization files, which can increase the size of such serialization by quite a lot.

// Create [StickerOptions] to customize the sticker tool.
final stickerOptions = StickerOptions(
personalStickers: true, defaultPersonalStickerTintMode: TintMode.none);
// Create a [Configuration] instance to apply the customizations.
final configuration = Configuration(sticker: stickerOptions);