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The user interface can be customized in various ways with increasing complexity.

​All resource and style identifier can be overwritten. They have the prefix: imgly_ e.g. Imgly.

Change Layout#

If you want to change the order of the ActionBar Buttons, you can open the imgly_widget_actionbar.xml in the layout editor and simply change the order of the xml elements.

Warning: Do NOT change layout IDs or element types (extensions of a type are fine), otherwise the app will crash with a NullPointer or a TypeCast exception!

If you want to change the ActionBar Button Style go to the specific Element, hold down the Command Key and click on the style attribute value @style/Imgly.Editor.Header.Button.AcceptButton The Editor now jumps in the specific Style element in the imgly_style.xml file. Now you can edit all style attributes. It's also possible to override the style attributes directly in the element node.

Edit style

If you want text instead of icons in the ActionBar, change the tag name in the button’s XML layout from to The same works for the Cancel button, just use The styling for the buttons may look like the following example.

android:padding="8dp" />