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Settings List

Understanding the SettingsList and StateHandler

The VideoEditor SDK allows you to change all settings before starting or running the editor. For this, there are two different Models the SettingsList and the StateHandler. Booth has internally a HashMaps that hold Settings and States (only the StateHandler)

Before you can start the Editor or Camera, you have to pass a SettingsList to the PhotoEditorBuilder or the CameraPreviewBuilder calling the method setSettingsList(SettingsList settingsList). While starting the Editor this SettingsList and all holded settings classes are parceled into a bytestream. After starting the Editor the parceled SettingsList is readed into a StateHandler.

The StateHandler is used internaly to modifying all settings and states. Modifiying settings on a Settings class contained in the StateHandler then trigger events to update the preview and change export.

To modify Settings you have to obtain a Settings class by getSettingsModel(Class<StateClass> stateClass) the StateHandler avaliable while runtime has also a methode getStateModel(@NonNull Class<StateClass> stateClass) to get state classes (states are not parceld and only available while runtime)