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As a part of the rewrite for PhotoEditor SDK version 5, one of the first things we did was to establish a consistant naming convention across design and development. These names work as a base for all our configurations and customizations.

We drew inspirations from the surrounding tools we love. Like Visual Studio Code we established namings for different entities and sections of the editor.


  • Toolbar: This is the main navigation element of the UI and allows you to select the different tools of the SDK.
  • Tool control bar: The control bar contains all related controls for editing the selected tool.
  • Canvas: The canvas displays the edited image.
  • Main canvas action bar: Main canvas actions listed on top.

Sections Sections


  • Tools: The toolbar contains list of tools.
  • Tool controls: Based on type of the tool, a tool can be controlled using specific controls.
  • Main canvas actions: Global editor functions like undo, redo, export, close are main canvas actions.
  • Categories and Items: Some tool controls are grouped together to form categories. Each entity in categories is item.

Entities Entities