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From Resources

PhotoEditor SDK supports adding custom stickers from the resources. In this example, we load both a custom sticker and an existing sticker from the assets:sticker-emoticons module.

Custom sticker asset#

Here, we create a custom sticker using ImageStickerAsset. It takes in a unique identifier (used for serialization/deserialization purposes), and the sticker's resource drawable.

Add sticker to AssetConfig#

To use the sticker, it must first be available in the SDK's backend. This is done by adding the sticker to the AssetConfig.

Create a custom sticker category#

We then add the stickers to a StickerCategoryItem and provide it with an id, name, and thumbnail ImageSource.

Configure UiConfigSticker#

Here, we configure UiConfigSticker and add the custom sticker category as the first item in the list.