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VESDK/React Native/Guides/Audio Overlays

Audio Overlays

The VideoEditor SDK for React Native supports adding audio overlays to videos for stunning effects.

VideoEditor SDK for React Native supports adding predefined audio libraries from which an audio clip can be overlayed on top of the video's soundtrack. Inside the audio tool, the audio clip can be trimmed and balanced with the original soundtrack of the video. The corresponding tool can be customized using the object.

For details on how to modify the options for the tool, take a look at the configuration section.

Adding audio clips#

Audio clips can be inserted into, which is an array of AudioClipCategory objects. An AudioClipCategory object holds the metadata of an audio clip category, such as its preview image and the title and has an array of AudioClip objects, which again hold the metadata for an AudioClip, such as its audioURL, thumbnailURL and the duration. The AudioClip class is not optimized to handle remote resources which therefore should be downloaded in advance and then passed as a local resource.

const configuration: Configuration = {
audio: {
categories: [
identifier: "custom",
name: "Custom",
items: [
identifier: "elsewhere",
audioURI: require("../../../assets/vesdk/elsewhere.mp3"),