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Configure Brush

PhotoEditor SDK supports several configuration options for the BrushToolController allowing flexible adaptation to different needs and use cases. For a detailed explanation of how to configure different editor views, refer to this guide.


By default, all available brush tools are enabled. For this example only a couple are enabled.


The default color of the brush stroke is UIColor.white. If you can anticipate that your use case requires a different default color you can set the defaultBrushColor.


Similarly, the size of the brush is set at 5% relative to the smaller side of the photo by default. In our example, we prefer to set it to an absolute size of five pixels.


In order to customize the available color palette, we need to configure the BrushColorToolController setting the option availableColors to an array of Color objects. Here, we only provide a small selection of colors as might be sensible for an annotation use case.