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Brush - Draw Tool

The Brush Engine of PhotoEditor SDK for iOS is optimized for touch screen interaction and supports various brush strokes, thicknesses, and colors.

Brush tool

The high performant brush engine of PhotoEditor SDK is optimized for touch screen interaction and supports different brush strokes that can be edited in terms of thickness and color.

The tool is implemented in the BrushToolController class and can be configured using the BrushToolControllerOptions as described in the configuration section. Using these options you can configure the available tools, their order, the allowed overlay actions, the brush size and hardness values (minimum, maximum and default), the default color and whether the brush opacity should vary by the size of the brush.

To change the available colors within the brush tool, you need to modify the BrushColorToolControllerOptions, as the color selection is managed using a BrushColorToolController. These allow you to set the available colors and their names.