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GIPHY Integration

The VideoEditor SDK for React Native provides an integration for GIPHY allowing easy integration of GIF stickers

VideoEditor SDK allows seamless integration with the GIPHY Stickers API. To add support for GIPHY, you will need to add a predefined ExistingStickerProviderCategory with imgly_sticker_category_giphy as the identifier. Furthermore, you need to specify a GiphyStickerProvider containing your API key obtained from GIPHY inside the sticker category. You can also provide optional language and rating parameters to customize search results for the localization and content rating of your app.

const configuration: Configuration = {
sticker: {
categories: [
identifier: "imgly_sticker_category_giphy",
provider: {
apiKey: "YOUR-API-KEY"

This category is searchable, while the search bar and pagination are provided by VideoEditor SDK.

If no search has been performed the trending API will be used to provide quick access to the most relevant content, ready to be inserted into the canvas.

A Sticker created from GIPHY content will use the following properties from the response:

  • identifier
  • original image URL
  • thumbnail URL - selected dynamically depending on available assets for a particular sticker
  • title - used as accessibility label, non-localized

For more information about GIPHY see their API Quickstart Guide.