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PESDK/React Native/Guides/User Interface


Add translations to the user interface

PhotoEditor SDK for React Native provides full control over all strings used inside the editor. However, localization needs to be implemented natively for each of the platforms.


While you have several ways to localize the editor in iOS, the recommended way is to provide a localization dictionary that is available natively for the PESDK class:

First, you need to import the RNPhotoEditorSDK header inside your AppDelegat.m/ file:

#import <RNPhotoEditorSDK/RNPhotoEditorSDK.h>

Then, you can set the localization dictionary before the editor is opened. We recommend placing the code inside the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function in the same file.

[PESDK setLocalizationDictionary: @{
@"en": @{
@"pesdk_transform_title_name": @"Crop",
@"pesdk_adjustments_title_name": @"Correct",
@"pesdk_adjustments_button_reset": @"Clear"


For Android, you will need to override the corresponding values inside your strings.xml file. You can find all available strings inside our demo repository.

<string name="app_name">CatalogUI</string>
<!-- Strings for IMG.LY SDKs. -->
<string name="pesdk_transform_title_name">Crop</string>
<string name="pesdk_adjustments_title_name">Correct</string>
<string name="pesdk_adjustments_button_reset">Clear</string>