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From App Bundle

PhotoEditor SDK supports adding custom filters from the app bundle. In this example, we add custom LUT and duotone effects.

LUT and Duotone Filters#

For the custom LUT filter to invert the photo colors we construct a LUTEffect object providing the local resource URL and a display name for our filter. The duotone effect, additionally, requires passing the light and dark color of the effect.

Add filters to asset catalog#

In order to add the new filters to our asset catalog, we first add the default items and then append our filters to the effects array.

Create filter groups#

In cases where we want to simplify navigation and discovery, we can group sets of related filters which will appear in a single folder in the filter tool. Simply create a Group passing a unique identifier, a display name for the group and a thumbnail for the group folder. The filter identifier needs to be unique since it is used during the (de)serialization process.