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From App Bundle

PhotoEditor SDK supports adding custom frames from the app bundle.

Adding Frames#

Custom frames can be added by specifying them in the configuration.frame.items array. Each frame takes a unique identifier, a name, a relativeScale, an optional thumbnailUri as well as an optional layoutMode.

Image Groups#

To add the images for each frame tile, you can specify them inside the imageGroups property. Each frame consists of four groups corresponding to each side of the frame. In our example, we opt for the "horizontal inside" mode of arranging image tiles providing only a middle image for the left and right parts of the frame and a start, middle and end image for the top and bottom parts. Refer to the guide on frames for an in-depth explanation.

Image Modes#

By default, the midMode is set to FrameTileMode.repeat which repeats the middle image to fill out the entire space. For this example, it is set to FrameTileMode.stretch for all image groups to keep the correct pattern. In this mode, the middle image is stretched to fill out the entire space.