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Download the License

In order to download a license file, you need to either have an active trial or and active subscription. Please check the box below for more information.

To download your license file, log into your dashboard, click on ‘Subscription’, click on ‘Show’ on the according subscription, insert your app identifier, which can either be a hostname or an IP address, click on ‘SAVE IDS’ and then on the ‘LICENSE FILE’ button within the input field. The download will start automatically. Finally, please insert these into the respective SDK and you are good to go.

How do I get a license file?#

There are two options to obtain a fully-featured license file for the PhotoEditor SDK: 1. You can start a 30-days free trial with just a few clicks [here]( Please note that the PhotoEditor SDK will stop working after the license has expired. 2. You can reach out to our Sales Team and purchase a license. To contact our Sales Team click [here](