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For a straightforward integration of the PhotoEditor SDK, see our set of example integrations for various frameworks like React Native, Ionic or Cordova.

Whether you want to learn how to use the VideoEditor SDK or just want to see what can be built with it, we are providing some example integrations for various frameworks.

Example app#

We offer an example app on the App Store, that demonstrates the VideoEditor SDK's interface and our default configuration.

Demo repository#

For code examples take a look at the demo repository. Said repository demonstrates how to integrate the SDK from Swift and Objective-C and shows how to configure it to suit your needs. There are examples for Swift and Objective-C, presenting the camera and editor, and extensive customization.

Example Integrations#

Check out our GitHub Repositories here for up to date example integrations of our HTML and Native SDKs. All example integrations repositories are tagged with the suffix -demo. In general, these examples are a good place to start with:

  • Quickly testing out our SDK without the need to write code
  • Tinker with the code to understand how it works and
  • Starting templates for specific web frameworks.

Currently, we are providing example integrations for:

We are also providing the corresponding tutorials in our quickstart section here.