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VideoEditor SDK for iOS features a logger to provide important information to you and your users. Learn how to display or hide information.


The MasterLogger class will take care of managing child loggers and dispatch events. VideoEditor SDK will use the logger to provide important information. It is up to you whether this information will be shown to the user or handled by your code.

There are four types of log-events that are, ordered from high to low priority: error, warn, info, and debug. The MasterLogger has a property called logLevel, that will determine the lowest level of log-event that should be dispatched. The default log-level is warn, meaning that only warnings and errors will be logged. To disable logging, set the log level to none. Each logger must implement the LoggerProtocol, that contains a method for each of these types. We provide a default logger, that will simply log to the debug console. In case you want to add a custom logger, create a new class, implement the LoggerProtocol and call the add method of the MasterLogger. For more details, take a look at the MasterLogger documentation.

Here is an example of a simple log with warning as log-level.

MasterLogger.warn("This is my important warning!")