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Smart Stickers

VideoEditor SDK for Android provides predefined smart stickers

There are currently six predefined smart stickers available in SmartStickerPack:

  1. Weekday
  2. Date
  3. Time
  4. Time Clock
  5. Weather Cloud (Requires a WeatherProvider)
  6. Weather Thermostat (Requires a WeatherProvider)

When the backend:sticker-smart module is included, these smart stickers are part of the default sticker category with the identifier "imgly_sticker_category_emoticons". To enable all of the smart stickers you need to define a WeatherProvider otherwise the weather stickers are hidden by default. Refer to our configuration guide on how to enable weather smart stickers.

NOTE: Smart stickers require the backend:sticker-smart module. Refer to our documentation on how to include the module in your project.

Dynamic smart stickers#

Apart from the predefined smart stickers, VideoEditor SDK allows you to create custom smart stickers. These smart stickers can also be dynamic, allowing your users to customize them at runtime.

A MetadataImageStickerItem can be used to declare a dynamic smart sticker. It takes a reference to a DialogFragment class that is used for providing metadata to your smart sticker.

Refer to our configuration guide on how to add your custom dynamic smart sticker.