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The PhotoEditor SDK for server provides all the tools necessary to enhance your product with state-of-the-art photo editing features, effects, and assets.

Our photo editor is a powerhouse. It comes with unmatched performance using WebGL as primary rendering engine, and canvas as fallback. All essential photo editing functions are bundled into a beautiful, simple and skinnable UI. The SDK is easily extensible and customizable via API as described in the following sections.

Note: Since we're working with the latest web technologies, all code samples are using the ECMAScript 6 standard. If you're using an older ECMAScript / JavaScript standard, please use Babel to compile the examples to ES5.

License Terms#

Make sure you have a commercial license before releasing your app. A commercial license is always required unless you are a non-profit company. Please contact us to get more information about the pricing options.


Our photo editor consists of he following parts:


The SDK handles the image processing. It provides many powerful operations like cropping, image orientation, beautiful filters, adjustments, text and sticker overlays and much more. It's the heart of our editor and it's easily extensible with custom filters or even custom operations. The engine handles image rendering at the lowest level. With a simple scene graph based API, it combines and abstracts the complicated WebGL and Canvas2D APIs. Its highly performant architecture even allows you to do real-time rendering. The engine is not covered in this documentation. Go to our API documentation to learn more about it.