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Background Removal

PhotoEditor SDK combined with Apple ML Vision framework allows to quickly remove the background from pictures of people on iOS 15+ devices.

The remove background action is available for any pictures or (non-animated) personal and external stickers, where a face or human body can be detected:

Remove background

This effect can be used to create transparent stickers, avatars, or collages:

Removed background

WARNING: The background removal overlay action does not work properly on the simulator. To see background properly removed please use this action on the physical device.

Adding background removal option#

Introduced in PhotoEditor SDK v11.1.0

To enable background removal, edit allowedMediaEditOverlayActions configuration property:

let configuration = Configuration { builder in
builder.configurePhotoEditViewController { options in
if #available(iOS 15.0, *) {
options.outputImageFileFormat = .png
let sampleImage = UIImage(named: "sample_image")!
let photo = Photo(image: sampleImage)
let photoEditViewController = PhotoEditViewController(photoAsset: photo, configuration: configuration)

WARNING: To achieve the effect of transparency in exported images, make sure that your output format supports that (e.g. set outputImageFileFormat to .png).