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From Camera Roll

PhotoEditor SDK supports importing photos from the camera roll.

Instantiate image picker#

To that end, we first instantiate a UIImagePickerController. We are opting for this class over PHPickerViewController, because the latter does not reliably work for some .mp4 files encoded with non-ffmpeg codecs. We have reported this issue to Apple.

We further set the current class as the controller's delegate to handle cancellation. Since we only want photos from the camera roll, we set sourceType and mediaType correspondingly.

Initialize the editor#

The imagePickerController delegate is invoked when the user picked a photo and the photo object is passed to it as originalImage via the info dictionary. We can now dismiss the image picker and create a Photo from the image which is, in turn, passed as photoAsset to the PhotoEditViewController to instantiate the photo editor. Again, setting the current class as the delegate of the PhotoEditViewController allows us to implement export, cancellation and error handling there.