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Technical FAQs

Get help with any questions regarding the technical details of the CreativeEditor SDK.

What image formats are supported?#

CE.SDK natively supports JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, BMP, and SVG images. If the image's width or height exceeds 4096 pixels, it is scaled down proportionally, so the longest edge is equal to 4096 pixels.

Do you support PDF or EPS import?#

No, we don’t have native PDF or EPS import. However, you can bring any file format into CE.SDK by leveraging our Scene & Block API which let’s you generate scenes programatically.

How do you ensure the same output quality across devices?#

We have our own custom cross-platform C++ based rendering and layout engine that shares the same code on every platform.

What is the maximum image resolution?#

While editing images that are larger than 4096x4096 px are scaled down accordingly while editing. But, you can allow higher resolutions while exporting.

Do you support WOFF, WOFF2 or TTF vector fonts?#

Yes, we support all modern vector font formats. CE.SDK has full support for any vector formats and works with vector information directly.

Can lower quality (LQ) images be used while editing but high quality (HQ) images leveraged when printing or exporting?#

Yes, you can provide LQ images while editing and replace all images with their HQ counter part during export by leveraging our CE.SDK Scene & Block API or by changing asset base paths via our Variable API. Note that CE.SDK will use the best image quality possible during editing automatically. Though, asset download size can be reduced via the aforementioned approach.

Can we ensure that our users don’t integrate forbidden content (e.g. NSFW)?#

Yes, we provide hooks that let you validate scenes and scene content before exporting or saving. This can be used to interact with third-party APIs that validate text or images for forbidden or red-flagged content.

Can we notify/alarm our users of potential bad prints. E.g. text is too close to bleed/safety margin or image quality / dpi is too low?#

Yes, you can totally control and have programmatic access to the full document structure. Use our API to check if text items are inside a predefined area or if the image resolution is good enough for print or export.

Can we build our own user interface?#

Yes, while we ship predefined customizable UIs, you can always opt out and build your own user interfaces on top of CE.SDK Custom. We still handle all editing logic and you bring your own UI component system and style.

Can special colors be used or spot colors for print if to provide special pre–printed base material?#

Yes, we support special export options that let you mask a certain predefined color and exclude it from export. We also take into account possible color blending issues. Furthermore, you can exclude certain items from print such as a postage stamp that should be visible during editing but will manually be added at a later stage in the print process.

Can we have special page layouts for photobooks or brochures?#

Yes, you can use our API to position pages manually either before or during editing. Alternatively, contact us to directly integrate a custom layout into the editor. CE.SDK is built to be extensible.

Is there a way to determine which assets (e.g. stickers, images, fonts, etc.) are used in a scene?#

Yes, you can easily analyze the full document via our API. Aside from the asset path we store a custom external reference ID that you can relate to your assets.

Can general asset usage and discovery of users be tracked analyzed?#

Yes, you have full control over asset sources. As such, you can provide custom asset sources and analyze search terms, browsed asset categories and individual asset usage.