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Supported Browsers

Discover the minimum browser requirements for the CreativeEditor SDK.

The CreativeEditor SDK currently relies on certain APIs to be fully functional. This currently limits the supported browser to the following list:

  • Firefox 86 and newer
  • Safari 14.1 and newer
  • Edge 88 and newer
  • Chrome 88 and newer

For our video feature set the browser requirements listed below apply instead. The browsers listed above will display a warning dialog explaining that these are not supported if they are being used to access CE.SDK video functionality.

  • Edge 94 and newer (at least 107 for H.265 support)
  • Chrome 94 and newer (at least 107 for H.265 support)

Due to the fact that these browsers rely on the host's platform API for video functionality the following restrictions apply when running under a specific operating system:

  • macOS: no known restrictions
  • Windows: no support for H.265 with alpha channel
  • Linux: even though decoding of non-free codecs is supported, encoding is unsupported

Check our 'Known Editor Limitations' for more details.