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Video UI

Take the VideoEditor for a test run and see how powerful editing features meet seamless and intuitive design. All with fully customizable UI and asset library.


Exploring Video UI

With video mode, you can bring powerful video editing and creation features to your users and teams.

The UI supports several formats, like a story reel or Ultra HD that allow creation of videos for different channels. Formats can be custom-made and pre-defined for users allowing them to create videos based on specific app requirements, such as Instagram or TikTok-like content.

With a selection of a specific format, the canvas will automatically adjust in size, allowing users to compose videos as they please. They can record, upload, or choose pre-existing videos and other media content from a custom library.

Several elements can be added to one canvas, such as videos, photos, stickers, text, and shapes, and arranged on a timeline, allowing users to unleash their creativity and produce more advanced content. 

Each element as well as a whole video can be edited with tools like adjustment, filters, effects, and blur. Making the editor a one-stop-shop for all video creation needs.

The overall effect can be enhanced with an audio track that can be imported or chosen from a custom asset library. 

UI of the video mode is fully customizable, allowing you to make it as intuitive and advanced as your users need.

Implementing Video UI in a Nutshell

Implementing the VideoEditor is a straightforward process. Here is how it’s done:

  • Customize the UI

The editor is shipped with a ready-to-use UI, however, you can also quickly adjust the interface using theming, or perform more advanced customization. To learn more about customizing the UI visit our theming showcase.

  • Add assets

Creating an extensive asset library can help users to get started and inspire them to create more advanced and fun content. Custom elements such as photos, videos, dynamic stickers, frames, overlays, or filters can be easily added to the editor’s library.

  • Create templates

Since video editing is done on canvas, there can be more than one video or other element playing simultaneously. Creating ready-made templates that can be quickly personalized is a great way to jump-start users’ designs. With adjustable placeholders and constraints, the editing process can be as easy or advanced as needed.