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How can I download PE.SDK or VE.SDK dependencies for offline use?

If you're looking to use PE.SDK or VE.SDK dependencies offline, you can easily do so by using our script. Here's a simple guide to get you started:

Place the Script:

  1. Copy the ( script into the root folder of your project.

  2. Set script permissions by the command chmod 0700 ./ in your terminal.

  3. Download specific version, such as 10.8.1, using this command ./ 10.8.1. Just replace "10.8.1" with the version number you require.

  4. Finally, you'll need to update the repository in your project's settings. Change the repository

from: maven { url '' } to: maven { url "file://${project.rootDir}/" }

This step redirects the repository to use the local files you've downloaded. This way, you can access the IMG.LY dependencies offline, without the need to use our artifactory. However, the local maven repository only includes IMG.LY modules. For other third-party dependencies like WorkManager, Glide, etc., you still need to have mavenCentral() or google() declared as repositories.