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Color Theming#

Take a look at the themes documentation.

Change default colors#

We strongly recommend to change colors in your app using the theme attributes as mentioned in the above section.

However, you can also choose to override our default colors. This can be done by creating a color resource in your project with the same identifier as the one that VideoEditor SDK uses. To get access to our colors resources, download our demo repository and extract the res subfolder from the default_res_files folder for the version you are using. All color resources can be found in imgly_colors.xml in the values folder.

As an example, if you add the following to your project, VideoEditor SDK will use #DCDCDC as the background color for the Editor in dark mode while continuing to use the default value for imgly_background_color_light in light mode.

<color name="imgly_background_color">#DCDCDC</color>