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Getting Started with our Ruby Gem

We created a Ruby gem for easily integrating the PhotoEditor SDK for Web in any Ruby on Rails project. Just follow the steps and you’ll get a fully fledged photo editor in your rails app.

WARNING: The repository is not meant as a fully fledged Ruby Gem, but as a base for further development instead.

Setup the Rails asset pipeline

  1. Reference Gem in your bundlers Gemfile. Open your Gemfile and insert
     gem 'pesdk-html5-rails', :git => 'https://github.com/imgly/pesdk-ruby-gem-demo.git'
  2. Register javascript with the Rails asset pipeline. Open /assets/javascripts/application.js and insert the following lines
     //= require react.production.min
     //= require react-dom.production.min
     //= require react-dom-server.browser.production.min
     //= require styled-components.min
     //= require photoeditorsdk
  3. Create a custom javascript file or modify your application.js to initialize the PhotoEditor UI on window load as follows
     window.onload = function () {
           container: '#pesdk',
           license: '', // <- replace this with the content of your license file. The JSON-object needs to be in string format
           image: '', // <- Image url or Image path relative to assets folder
           assetBaseUrl: '/assets',
  4. Now, put a <div/> element in the view
     <div id="pesdk"  style="width: 1024px; height: 768px;">