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Get recorded videos from the Mobile Camera

Learn how to get the recorded videos from the Result<[Recording], Error> type in the Camera’s onDismiss closure.

Explore a full code sample on GitHub.


If the user has recorded videos, the .success case will contain an array of Recordings, each representing a segment of the recorded video.

A Recording has a duration and contains an array of Videos. The array contains either one Video (for single camera recordings) or two Videos (for dual camera recordings.)

Each Video has:

  • A url to the video file that is stored in a temporary location. Make sure to copy the file to a permanent location if you want to access it later.
  • A rect that contains the position of each video as it was shown in the camera preview. For dual camera recordings, you can use these CGRects to arrange the videos as they were laid out in the camera.


The .failure case has an associated value of CameraError, which is either .cancelled if the user has cancelled the camera without recording anything, or .permissionsMissing if the user has not allowed accessing their camera and/or microphone.