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CESDK/CE.SDK/Engine/Guides/Saving Scenes

Saving Scenes

Learn how to store scenes created with the CreativeEngine.

The CreativeEngine allows you to save scenes in a binary format to share them between editors or store them for later editing.

Saving a scene can be done as a either scene file or as an archive file. A scene file does not include any fonts or images. Only the source URIs of assets, the general layout, and element properties are stored. When loading scenes in a new environment, ensure previously used asset URIs are available. Conversely, an archive file contains within it the scene's assets and references them as relative URIs.

Guides for saving a scene#

To an Archive
How to save a scene to an archive.

To a Blob
How to save a scene to a Blob.

To a String
How to save a scene to a string.