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Discover the various ways to integrate CreativeEditor SDK into your application.

The CreativeEditor SDK (CE.SDK) Engine is an engine that enables you to power your own UI and creative workflows. Whether you want to keep your current UI or design a new one from scratch, our API can do the heavy lifting for you no matter what your starting point is.

Creating Scenes
How to create scenes.

Loading Scenes
How to load scenes.

Saving Scenes
How to save scenes.

Modifying Scenes
How to modify scenes.

Exporting Blocks
How to export blocks.

Using Fills
How to control the fill of blocks.

Using Effects
How to control effects for blocks.

Managing Colors
Learn about colors and the different color spaces.

Editing Videos
Learn about APIs for video editing.

Source Sets
Learn how to use source sets.

Using the Camera
Learn about the camera integration.

Serving Assets
How to serve assets.

Adding Custom Asset Sources
How to add custom asset sources.

URI Resolution
How to control URI resolution.

Store Custom Metadata
How to store custom metadata on blocks.

Manage Scopes
How to manage user scopes.

Using cutouts
How to work with cutouts.

Text Editing
How the engine enables inline text editing.

Text Properties
How to edit text blocks via the API.

Text with Emojis
Learn to use emojis in text.

Lazy Module Import
How to reduce import size via lazy module loading.