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In this example, we will show you how to use the CreativeEditor SDK's CreativeEngine block API to modify a block's scopes. For a more high-level introduction, check the corresponding guide.

Scopes describe different aspects of a block, e.g. layout or style and can be enabled or disabled for every single block. There's also the option to control a scope globally. When configuring a scope globally you can set an override to always allow or deny a certain type of manipulation for every block. Or you can configure the global scope to defer to the individual block scopes.


This example uses the headless CreativeEngine. See the Setup article for a detailed guide. To get started right away, you can also access the block API within a running CE.SDK instance via cesdk.engine.block. Check out the APIs Overview to see that illustrated in more detail.


findAllScopes(): Scope[]

Get all available global scopes that can be set.

  • Returns The names of all available global scopes.
setGlobalScope(key: Scope, value: 'Allow' | 'Deny' | 'Defer'): void

Set a scope to be globally allowed, denied, or deferred to the block-level.

  • key: The scope to set.
  • value: Allow will always allow the scope, Deny will always deny the scope, and Defer will defer to the block-level.
getGlobalScope(key: Scope): 'Allow' | 'Deny' | 'Defer'

Query the state of a global scope.

  • key: The scope to query.
  • Returns Allow if the scope is allowed, Deny if it is disallowed, and Defer if it is deferred to the block-level.
isScopeEnabled(id: DesignBlockId, key: Scope): boolean

Query whether a scope is enabled for a given block.

  • id: The block whose scope state should be queried.
  • key: The scope to query.
  • Returns the enabled state of the scope for the given block.
setScopeEnabled(id: DesignBlockId, key: Scope, enabled: boolean): void

Enable or disable a scope for a given block.

  • id: The block whose scope should be enabled or disabled.
  • key: The scope to enable or disable.
  • enabled: Whether the scope should be enabled or disabled.
isAllowedByScope(id: DesignBlockId, key: Scope): boolean

Check if a scope is allowed for a given block.

  • id: The block to check.
  • key: The scope to check.
  • Returns whether the scope is allowed for the given block.