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CreativeEditor SDK is a fully customizable design editor, enabling template-based workflows & automations for brands, agencies, and printers. All with just a few lines of code.

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Flexible & Versatile

Creative Editor
for All Use Cases

No matter if digital or print, tailor the editor to the needs of your business.

Social Media & Marketing Services

Whether it’s posts, stories, banners, or presentations: Your users constantly work with creative content. But they have to leave your site to create that content: a lost opportunity for you. CE.SDK closes that gap, bringing content creation to your product. Your users will love it, and your business will, too.

Printing & E-Commerce

Users love a good design experience, rich in stylish design templates to quickly create greeting cards, posters, merch, and other print products. Don’t lose them with bulky editing experiences or uninspiring design content. Easily manage design templates for every occasion in the CE.SDK dashboard while providing an instant design experience to your users.

Brands, Franchises & Agencies

Your graphic design team gets stuck in infinite handover & feedback loops with clients, employees, or franchisees. Simple jobs become time-consuming, slowing down your progress. CE.SDK streamlines your creative process through template- and role-based workflows. This way, your team can focus on what they do best again.

Grow Revenue

Monetize your creatives such as templates, graphics, or print products and drive up your ROI in an instant.

Drive Engagement

Create inspiring and compelling design experiences that keep users engaged while maintaining privacy compliance.

Free Up Resources

Free up engineering and design teams to focus on growth and innovation while accelerating release cycles.

Create & Adapt Templates

Tailor your editing experience to your users' needs: CE.SDK is powered by a role-specific editing UI, keeping content adaptation dead simple, while providing a powerful authoring environment.


Print Perfect


CE.SDK comes with features to fit into any print service, starting with configurable bleed edges, exclusion zones, to special colors.



Templates can provide a great design experience, but too often, elements are changed, destroying design or brand conformity. Constraints ensure granular control of what can be changed in any template.

Database Publishing

Text Variables

As soon as you need to create multiple content variants of one design, it becomes time-consuming assembly-line work. Easily automate this task, by inserting variables, and populating content from any database or CSV.

Enhance and Adjust

Photo Editing

A great photo editing experience is a must for any design workflow.  Our carefully selected adjustments, filters and effects add the finishing touches to images in no time. And yes, you can add your own filters, too!

Fully Customizable

Add Content Libraries with Ease

Add photo, graphic, or font libraries to serve the perfect creative content for your use case.

coming soon

Background Removal

Automated background removal at the tip of your fingers.

Explore the Web Demo

Configure your own editor theme, generate images, build a template or organize files live in the dashboard.

Built to Build

Framework Support

Integrate & customize with ease. We support major platforms and provide granular control via code.

// highlight-1
import ‘https://cdn.img.ly/packages/imgly/cesdk-js/1.0.0-rc.5/cesdk.umd.js’;
// highlight-1
// highlight-3
let config = {
  // Serve assets from IMG.LY cdn or locally
  baseURL: ‘https://cdn.img.ly/packages/imgly/cesdk-js/1.0.0-rc.5/assets’
CreativeEditorSDK.init(‘#cesdk_container’, config).then((instance) => {
  /** do something with the instance of CreativeEditor SDK **/

Integrate Our SDK into Your Application

With a free trial and pricing that fits your needs, it's easy to find the best solution for your product.

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