Elbi transforms creative user engagement to help people worldwide

A Charity app for content creation and micro-donations

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Elbi Digital:

  • Founded 2014
  • Based in the UK
  • Social enterprise that helps people to connect with charity organizations and do good with micro-donations and content creation


A robust hybrid image editing solution at the core of the app for easy content creation

Results: Easy and seamless content creation with Photos, Doodles, and motivational messages

The Elbi app aims to connect people with charity organizations and beneficiaries alike and facilitate the social engagement and donation process. Users can support charity organizations via a “Love Button” with micro-donations and get creative for selected good causes. If users don’t donate directly, they can help fundraise money with their content. To enable their users to produce motivating and exceptional content, Elbi had to provide them with a powerful creative tool. “Our app has photo-editing at the very core of its experience and the editor has been invaluable in making that vision happen. There are no other tools on the market up to the quality of PhotoEditor SDK, so it was an easy choice to have it be at the heart of Elbi,” says Toby Green former lead developer at Elbi.

For the previous version of the Elbi app, the team built their own creative tool that worked with iOS only. When they decided to reforge their app, the team at Elbi wanted to follow a different approach. “When we rebuilt the app we wanted it to be a hybrid solution and not only iOS like the previous one, so we abandoned our existing solution and were looking for an existing library. I spent a lot of time researching photo editing tools and did a feasibility study on all the available editors and PhotoEditor SDK came top of the list” says Toby Green.

With the PhotoEditor SDK the developers at Elbi were able to swiftly rebuild their app “We would never have been able to do this so quickly without the editor” says Green, “the documentation was great so it was very easy to get it all up and running and the support was incredibly patient and helpful. They always responded quickly and were happy to spend time resolving even difficult-to-track-down issues”. The SDK seamlessly integrates into the app providing an intuitive solution for Elbi’s content creation section. “It really looks like it’s part of the product,” says Toby Green.

“The product is a 10/10; it is the best hybrid tool available. And in general, I would say one of the finest teams I’ve ever worked with; they’ve been very supportive with regards to custom support, adding functionalities and discussing integration and they helped us getting everything working 100%,” concludes Toby Green. With the PhotoEditor SDK Elbi facilitates the charitable engagement of its users and helps people all around the globe to do good on the go.