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Drive engagement, create unique experiences, and accelerate time to market with PhotoEditor SDK and VideoEditor SDK.


Easily bring beautiful photo and video editing to your applications.

Enterprise Options:
Premium Support
Service Level Agreement
Custom License Terms
Reseller License

Small Business

Beautiful photo and video editing for startups and small businesses.

No enterprise options


Annual company revenue or funds raised of €1 million or less.

What you get

Fast-improving Technology

We regularly release new features and improvements to help you stay ahead of industry shifts.


A private support portal for getting help from our technology experts (we usually respond within 24 hrs).

Customizable UI

A fully customizable UI to match your desired look and feel, or to hide unnecessary features.

Enterprise Options

Reseller License

Integrate our SDKs into a product or service that your customers will resell.

Custom License Terms

Adapt our standard licensing agreement to your specific requirements.

Premium Support & SLA

First-in-line priority over non-priority tickets and guaranteed response times.

Licensing FAQs

Where can I find my license keys?

You can find your license key in your personal dashboard. Simply add your app identifiers, download the file, drop it into the SDK and you are good to go.

How can I add features or platforms to my existing subscription?

Please email us at We are happy to take care of the upgrade for you.

Can I use my paid license for my testing environment as well as the production environment?

Yes, you can add multiple app identifiers per license to allow for this.

For how many products is my PhotoEditor SDK or VideoEditor SDK license valid?

Each subscription and its respective license keys are valid for one commercial product instance only. If you have multiple use cases or multiple product instances you want to use our editors for, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and find the perfect solution for you.

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, unless otherwise contracted, every license renews itself by an additional year or month, depending on the performance period interval you chose. You can cancel monthly contracts a week and yearly contracts one month before the end of the performance period. For more on that please, refer to our Terms of Service.

Why do you only offer licenses for PhotoEditor SDK and VideoEditor SDK on a subscription basis?

To ensure high performance, we continually maintain and further improve our SDKs. We also provide ongoing support for our editors to guarantee technical compatibility with new devices and browsers of all kinds. We create long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships with our customers instead of just selling a product. That's why we chose a subscription model over a one-time fee.

What kind of data is transmitted to your servers?

The number of exported images or videos as well as a verification of a license's validity are the only information sent to our servers. No images, videos, or personal data is being handled or gathered in any way. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Why are you offering native SDKs for mobile?

Our goal is always to deliver the best and smoothest user experience possible for all of our products. Providing native SDKs for Android and iOS is therefore the logical consequence to ensure top-of-the-line quality for your users.

What is included in an Enterprise License?

An Enterprise license comes with turned-off server communication, and custom license terms. On top of that, there are additional options for an Enterprise subscription that you can find on our Pricing page.

Why do I need Enterprise Support?

If you require direct responses to questions and prioritization of your issues, our Enterprise support is for you. It provides direct access to our developer teams through a private slack channel.

When do I need a Reseller License?

A Reseller license is meant for use cases in which our editors are being made available to your customer's clients to be used in their products. A good example of this are website builders that allow the end-user to implement one of our editors into their websites.

When do I need Custom License Terms?

In case you have individual requirements regarding license terms governing contracts with vendors and partners - like many larger companies do - and therefore can't agree to parts of our Terms of Service. Simply reach out to our sales team through our contact form and we'll get in touch with you.

What is included in a Service Level Agreement?

We offer Service Level Agreements to our Enterprise customers to accommodate their specific business and support requirements. Service Level Agreements may include guaranteed uptime of our services, guarantees of specific response times for technical support requests, etc.

Which methods of payment do you offer?

For our Business and Small Business plan, we only offer monthly and yearly payments via an automated debit to your credit card. For our Enterprise customers, we also offer payments via wire transfer.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can contact us through our Service Desk or send an email to to cancel your subscription. Please keep the cancellation period in mind, notifying us at least one month (one week in case of a monthly Subscription Term) before the end of your current Subscription Term.

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