CE.SDK v1.21 Release Notes

Create stunning videos using a brand-new timeline for web.

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CE.SDK v1.21 Release Notes

Since our last release, we've been crafting new features to empower your users’ creative journey. Today, we are happy to introduce CE.SDK v1.21!

Create Videos With A New Timeline for Web

Create eye-catching videos within your web app for any platform, including Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube! Here's what's new: the integrated timeline supports the arrangement of elements like videos, photos, text, audio, shapes and stickers. Users can fine-tune their projects with adjustments or filters, and personalize their creations with audio from a customizable library.

To simplify your content creation, use our formats that automatically set your canvas size for social media and other popular video resolutions.

Effectively arrange and edit multiple elements within your videos, offering precise control over the editing process. Easily split, trim, and replace. Lastly, make it pop by adding audio files to the composition.

Refine designs in our Showcase by customizing templates: adjust filters, swap visuals or audio, including integration with Soundstripe for premium stock audio.

Creating templates with placeholders for your users is just as easy. Simply select an element, click 'Placeholder', and decide which elements can be edited.

To integrate, browse our Guide. Try the video editor live demo yourself. This showcase contains templates, audio and video examples for you to try.

Keep Designs in Focus on iOS

Our new Camera Zoom Limits make editing a design easier. Your page stays in focus to avoid accidental scrolling outside the design. The zoom level is set within a minimum and maximum range, ensuring a practical, usable view at all times. When you select an element in your design, it stays in focus when opening adjustments or other inspectors. It allows you to immediately see changes made to the selected element. This improvement is available for iOS and Android, and can be tested in our Design Editor Demo on the App Store and Google Play.

Ensure Color Purity in Print

Our newly introduced Underlayer API guarantees the preservation of color purity whenever you export designs using our CE.SDK for print. This solution specifically addresses the challenge of maintaining the richness and vibrancy of colors, irrespective of the color of the canvas, which could range from apparel to paper.

When you're ready to export your design, this feature adds a special 'underbase' layer, underneath your design. This layer, typically a white or specific primer coat, makes sure the final printed colors match your original vision perfectly.

Very soon: Integrate Short-Form Video Creation

Video remains key for attracting, engaging and retaining audiences, especially on mobile. Creating a video editor can be tough, thus we’re thrilled to soon release our turnkey solution for mobile video content creation.

Combined with our new Camera SDK, users can seamlessly blend video, audio, text, and graphics on a sleek timeline. It includes features like voiceover, zoom, tap to record, and the popular split screen modes for reactions and duets. You may recognize these from Instagram or TikTok!

Last chance: Secure your waitlist spot to our Video Content Creation Release. You will also receive access to our TestFlight app.
Registration is only open until March 6, 2024.

🟣 Gain Access to our Video Content Creation Release
🟣 Download Feature Exposé instantly (PDF)

We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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