CE.SDK v1.23 Release Notes

Record videos on iOS with a dual camera, and edit on a timeline. Add editors to mobile apps quickly with UI Packages, and improved Video Editor for Web.

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CE.SDK v1.23 Release Notes

Since our last release, we've been crafting new features to empower your users’ creative journey. In the past month, we have received valuable insight from you in our exclusive Beta testing. Now we are excited to announce CE.SDK v1.23!

Record and Edit Short-Form Video Content on iOS

Video Content Creation is here! Your users can record videos, blend them with audio, text, and graphics on a timeline. This includes features like countdown timer, and the popular split screen modes for reactions and duets. You may recognize these from Instagram Reels or TikTok. Making adjustments is straightforward using filters, effects, and adjustment settings.

Record with a New Camera

Record a video and utilize the Dual Camera feature. This allows you to record simultaneously with your front and back camera, producing a split-screen video. Determine when the recording begins using a countdown timer.

Edit on a Timeline

Users can reorder, arrange and split clips on a timeline, and use filters, visual effects, along with other adjustments to modify the appearance of clips and images. Add audio tracks, image or video overlays, format text, integrate stickers, and use tools for cropping, filtering, blurring, and adjusting images and videos. Try recording and editing Video Content with our Demo App for iOS.

Get started with our documentation.

Quickly Add Editors to Mobile Apps with UI Packages

In the past, integrating our editors into your app required developers to manually collect code from our showcases and piece together the UI. This not only demanded effort but also necessitated frequent updates to ensure compatibility with each of our new releases.

To free your time and resources, we are now introducing ready-to-use UI packages for iOS and Android, that bring advanced editors directly to your app. This eliminates the previous labor-intensive process. These packages include a wide range of options, from a fully equipped Video Editor (iOS) and Camera UI (iOS) to specialized examples like an Apparel Editor or Postcard Editor.

Get started instantly, by installing a UI package. From left to right: Camera UI, Video Editor UI - Timeline View, Video Editor UI, Example UIs for Apparel and Postcard Editors.

We maintain UI packages for you, ensuring compatibility across devices and development environments. Now, you can immediately start with fully featured editors, staying up-to-date with just a click, and without manual intervention. Get started with our documentation.

Integrate a User-Friendly Editor

We've made enhancements for a more user-friendly editor setup of CE.SDK.

To enhance legibility and perception of our UI elements, we have reworked our UI colors, making sure they meet the minimal contrast requirements for an improved experience. Additionally, the active state of settings is now more apparent than it was previously.

Next, libraries and all inspectors open on the same side of our default editor now, instead of on both sides. This reduces mouse travel, saves space, and streamlines workflows.

Additionally, you can now resize images more easily by dragging from any side, not just using the handles. This same feature is also applicable when cropping your image.

Lastly, elements stay selected after grouping or ungrouping. In the past, changing group settings would deselect your elements.

Integrate A Smooth Video Editor into your App

We recently launched our Video Editor SDK for the Web. Since the release, we significantly improved the playback performance, leading to smoother editing and playback.

The timeline lets you arrange and edit videos, photos, text, audio, shapes, and stickers. Enhance projects with filters or adjustments, and add a personal touch with customizable audio. Precisely split, trim, and replace elements. Add audio files to make your project stand out. Try editing yourself with our Showcase for Sales Outreach Videos.

Please note that these release notes also include improvements from v1.22.

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