Flutter: Our new plugins made for Dart developers

We are happy to announce our new official Flutter plugins wrapping our native PhotoEditor SDK and VideoEditor SDK for one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks.

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Flutter: Our new plugins made for Dart developers

Flutter enables developers to build native iOS and Android applications with a single Dart codebase whilst the application's performance is kept at a very high native-like level. This is even more ensured by the huge amount of Flutter plugins, which wrap native code for the use in Dart.

With the rising demand for photo and video editing solutions, we were committed to provide plugins that enable developers to use our native PhotoEditor SDK and our native VideoEditor SDK within their Flutter applications. This said we are proud to announce that the Flutter plugins photo_editor_sdk and video_editor_sdk are now extending our list of cross-platform modules. The combination of both products allows you to add comprehensive image and video editing tools to your Flutter application for iOS and Android - within minutes.


While building the plugins, we focused on making the use and integration of our existing SDKs as easy as possible and minimizing the required platform-specific knowledge and skillset. Therefore, using the plugins is as easy as writing a single line of Dart code:


Furthermore, we wanted to keep the high level of customization options like cropping or resizing that our customers are used to in our products. In this sense, we created a dedicated Configuration Dart class which serves the option to customize the SDK to your needs without ever leaving the Flutter world.
Using the configuration is fast and easy:

Where to go from here?

Feel free to explore our packages, usage examples as well as the API documentation on pub.dev and/ or GitHub.
We released our new Flutter plugins under open-source licenses, so feedback and pull requests are welcome.