CE.SDK v1.13 Release Notes

Control time and duration of your visuals in videos, enjoy enhanced group and selection behavior, and fine-tune your editor with this new configuration.

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CE.SDK v1.13 Release Notes

Since our last release, we've been busy crafting new features and enhancements to empower your creative editing journey. Moreover, we have changed the configuration of CreativeEngine and CreativeEditor SDK to make it more versatile. We are excited to announce that CE.SDK v1.13 is now available!

Enhance Video Composition: Duration and Time Offset Control

Interfaces: API
Platforms: All

Whether you want to add a captivating video overlay or include background music, the possibilities are endless. What's included:

  • Time Offset and Duration control: Give each block a specific time offset and duration, allowing them to appear and disappear at desired intervals. For example, you can overlay a sticker on your video for a brief moment, creating eye-catching effects.
  • API integration: Currently, this feature can be controlled via API, providing flexibility and control for advanced customization.

We are thrilled to announce that this engaging feature will soon be available across all our user interfaces. Learn how to configure video and audio in documentation.

Elevate iOS Video Experience with More Codecs

Interfaces: Touch UI
Platforms: iOS


With CE.SDK's H.265 support for iOS, you can deliver high-quality video playback on iOS devices while enjoying the benefits of improved video compression and reduced file sizes. Enhance your users' experience with faster video streaming, enhanced storage efficiency, and exceptional visual quality.

Easily Select Blocks in Complex Designs

Interfaces: Default UI, Studio UI, Touch UI, API
Platforms: All

Selecting blocks in complex designs can be tedious and time-consuming. But with our refined selection behavior, we've made it effortless. With this enhancement, you can now effortlessly select and interact with elements in your designs, even in the most intricate compositions. Our advanced algorithm considers the shape of the block and the transparency of the fill, ensuring precise and intuitive selections.

Simplify Group Interaction and Enhance Mobile Usability

Interfaces: Default UI, Studio UI, Touch UI
Platforms: All

Simplify the management and editing of groups in your designs with our latest enhancements. Experience a seamless workflow on both desktop and mobile devices, as you navigate and manipulate group elements. With clear hover-states and selection visualizations, group relationships become more apparent, allowing for precise editing and arrangement of elements. Your users can achieve the perfect composition for their designs with ease.

Configure via API

Interfaces: All
Platforms: Web

We're thrilled to introduce a more versatile approach to configuring the engine with our latest update. Now, you have the power to fine-tune every aspect of the engine's settings using comprehensive API calls. This enhanced configurability empowers you to customize your editor precisely according to your requirements. Embrace the flexibility and control to create an editing experience that aligns perfectly with your vision. Learn more about the changes in detail and how to migrate to CE.SDK v1.13 in our documentation.

Outlook: Easily Remove Backgrounds in Your Browser

@imgly/background-removal is a powerful open-source JavaScript library that allows seamlessly background removal of images directly in the browser. With its unique features and capabilities, this package offers enhanced productivity, cost-efficiency, and data privacy while achieving stunning results. Try it out in our background removal showcase. This highly requested feature will soon be available within CE.SDK

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